Thursday, August 29, 2013

The August GiveAway Winner!

Hello ladies,

I finally get to announce the winner for August GiveAway. However, I am quite disappointed because this GiveAway was supposed to be Review Product Contest GiveAway not just enter for the GiveAway.

Also, some people just entered the GiveAway for the items I am going to give but didn't even take time to read the post carefully. They follow and then unfollow after. I am very disappointed for the morals now a day that we get to see those kind of people who intend to take advantage of other people. Don't get me wrong but I know who entered my first Giveaway and unfollow me after and then re-enter for my second Giveaway.

I appreciate whoever interested in my blog and would like to keep in touch with me and my blog. I host the Giveaway every month because I want to keep you all together and stay tune with my blog. If you just want the gift and then after that unfollow I would advice you that you are wasting your time because I know exactly who does that and even your name is picked I will redraw again. I am sorry but cheat is not acceptable.

The reason I have 2 rafflecopter for the GiveAway because I want it to be fair with the people who are in my GFC and with the new people. I host the Giveaway not only for new people but the readers on my GFC as well.

I appreciate some of your ladies who actually read my post & the rules carefully because I know you care to read. For those who entered for the Giveaway I would like to "thanks" but also "no thanks" for next time if you don't read my post.

So the Winner is:

Sabrina Cohanga

I try to find her blog but I couldn't. I will contact her by email. The winner has 3 days to reply my email with her address so I can send the gifts. If I don't hear from her, I will pick another one for the replacement.

Thank you all for joining the Giveaway and I look forward to many more Giveaway which will be better than this one.


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