Giveaway/Contest Policy

Please read this policy before you deciding to join in for the Giveaway event/Contest

I create this blog in order to make my a more fun place to come. This blog is only sub blog which assists My main blog for hosting Giveaway Event and Contest.

Everything will be happening on BellaGirlsBeauty like winner announcement, blog post featured, etc...but to join in the Giveaway Event/Contest, it will be here.

Disclaimer/Copyright/Term & Condition

By entering the Giveaway Event/Contest, you have given me the permission to feature your blog post on my blog and your blog post will become a part of my categories.

I have the right to whether to put your contents on my blog or not. However, I will not list the post as mine and the credit will still be yours. The link to your blog/post will be included as long as your post is on my blog.

Event/contest happens once a month. Bloggers are welcomed to join in every time there is an event happening.

There will be only 1 entry per blogger. You don't have to be a beauty blogger to join. As long as you are a blogger and you would like to enter the event/contest you are free to do so.

The rules will be listed as the event is being hosted

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoying the blog


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